Where Switchable Privacy Glass Is Commonly Installed

Ellena Arroyo

The American construction industry is finally starting to show signs of life. Individuals and families are now going out and building their own houses, while upstart companies that have been able to grow during the economic downturn are now looking to build their own offices. Many of them are looking for ways to make these buildings look trendy and modern, and a great way to do just that is by building with state-of-the-art materials. For instance, rather than using ordinary glass around the building, designers can instead use switchable privacy glass or LED glass. Below are some of the areas where these materials are commonly installed.

Switchable privacy glass can be used in a number of settings for many purposes. This material actually contains five layers: a layer of electrified privacy film surrounded on each side by a layer of clear adhesive packages, which are surrounded on both sides by a layer of glass/polycarbonate. Some forms of this glass are operated with the flick of a switch, while others work by remote control, light sensors, or a timer. When the individual sends the electrical current to the switchable privacy glass, the liquid crystals deliver the desired transparency by either aligning or randomizing the embedded layer of crystal particles. LED glass works a little differently. This glass is made from LED-embedded light film, flexible transparent conductive polymer films that contain lights. Glass laminating companies place these strips onto glass to produce transparent powered elements. The glass might contain a line of small, round lights or could instead use the LED-embedded film to create an entire sheet of glass that can be changed into different colors by using a remote control. Designers and architects that have never used these materials might be unsure of how to incorporate them into plans for a new building. Below are some ways that these materials are already being used.

Switchable Privacy Glass

  • Hospitals and medical facilities: these windows can be used to provide privacy for patients, while still allowing physicians to quickly check to see which rooms are occupied
  • Office spaces: the look of these materials gives a conference room or office space a sophisticated appearance
  • Television production: the TV show Big Brother, which involves a group of contestants living together under one roof, uses switchable privacy glass to provide contestants with a space where they can escape the cameras

LED Glass

  • Glass stairs: a set of glass stairs made with LED glass will provide a lit walkway that is easy to see even in an emergency when power is lost
  • Countertops: a fully lit glass countertop could go on bar tops or raised bars to illuminate indoor and outdoor kitchens
  • Signage: entrances to corporate buildings can incorporate LED glass in signage to give logos or images a unique look

The suggestions mentioned above are just some of the areas where switchable privacy glass and LED glass are already in use. Reach out to a supplier of these glass materials for additional suggestions.

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