Understanding Why Fractional Yacht Ownership Is The Best Way To Own A Yacht

Ellena Arroyo

The concept of fractional yacht ownership is not entirely new. If you’re interested in owning a yacht, you may have heard about it one time or another. Fractional Yacht Ownership should not be confused with Timeshare. With fractional ownership, you have equity in the asset and interest which means you are an actual owner or one of the owners in this case unless you decide to purchase 100 % of the asset.

With a timeshare, you buy time or share time with other owners, but you never really own anything which means when your time is up whatever you invested is gone, because you have no equity.
This is why most people and smart money have come to realize the benefits of owning a fraction of the yacht- A great way to own a beautiful asset that you use occasionally without the unnecessary expenses of owning a yacht outright.

A lot of people love to spend time on the water, and yet only a few of them can actually afford a boat on their own. Sometimes it’s not about affordability it’s about actual usage. Daily rentals and charter are good for the occasional traveler. In a co-op yacht ownership, you share the cost of the yacht with others and only use it when you need it, without the hassles of maintenance. Imagine embarking on a trip on your own yacht; complete with all crew members, to spend a few weeks on the sea with family or friends. You can spend your days ‘soaking’ in the amazing coastlines of Cuba and the Bahamas, making small stops to fish or visit the local restaurants. Then, after a few weeks of enjoyment, you disembark and head back to your regular life.

Fractional yacht ownership or yacht share offers you access to a luxurious yacht for a fraction of the cost, this means that you don’t have to worry about the headaches that come with maintenance and servicing. A good management company like Saveene can always take care of that for you.

You can decide to use the yacht only a few weeks in the year, and then leave it for your co-owners to enjoy. After all it’s not good for a vessel to sit for too long without movement. In the meantime, the management company provides upkeep and keeps the yacht travel-ready at all times.
Yacht share is a great alternative if you’re an ocean lover that enjoys exploring waters of the Caribbean or the Mediterranean, but intend on keeping yachting expenses down.

This is a perfect solution if you are smart with your money, but still desire to own a cruiser or a yacht. Equity is shared equally between owners. There is no stress of hiring a charter any time you want to go for a boat trip. All you have to do call your concierge office in advance, and they will schedule the crew, Capt. and your vessel will be ready when you arrive for enjoyment without all the hassles.
Companies such as Saveene provide an exciting concept of yacht ownership at a fraction of the purchase price in comparison to outright yacht ownership.

Many novice yacht owners do not realize the intensity of owning a yacht outright and the stresses that come with the general maintenance and cost. On the other hand those that have owned yachts or own one understand exactly how intense it can get cost wise. A yacht is meant to be enjoyed. The yachting lifestyle can be quite beautiful if its stress free. Realistically most yacht owners do not use their yacht that often yet they still need to pay one hundred percent of the maintenance costs. Here is where the concept of fractional yacht ownership is the smartest way to own a yacht. You have equity on what you use and you pay for what you use yet you still have pride of ownership.

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