Thoughts Are Reality

Ellena Arroyo

Utilizing Albert Einstein’s infamous equation


I have generated Rainer’s Time Longevity Equation by substituting the C coefficient (the speed of light) with its equivalent velocity variables D/T (Distance/ Time)

The Rainer’s Time Longevity Equation is:

T=√D2x M x 1/E

Time equals the square root of Distance squared multiplied by Matter then multiplied by the inverse of Energy.

If we use Rainer’s Time Longevity Equation and solve for M (Matter) we have the following:

M= E x T2 x 1/D2

If we analyze the above equation in detail, it reveals that Matter equals Energy multiplied by Time squared then multiplied by the inverse of Distance squared. In effect, the creation of matter depends on energy applied for a given amount of time with continuous focus. Even man’s earliest invention, fire, followed this immutable law — actively rubbing two sticks together (E), for a prolonged period (T), at one localized spot or focus (1/D2). Similarly, subsequent inventions such as the light bulb, radio, airplane, and the internet would also follow suit.

Is thought not energy? Thought is the energy source that allows man to create his world. Naturally, with thought (E), persistence (T) and focus (1/D2; minimizing D which equates to not deviating from the point of interest), man has created anything that his mind has been able to conceive. Thought, persistence, and focus are the basis for all creation. Whatever exists in the physical world, once danced in the mind of its creator. Hence, the warehouse of man’s creative capacity are his dreams.

Our great nation exemplifies Samuel Adam’s vision of America as a land of the free. His thought energy was magnified by his fear of being tried for treason by the King of England. Thus, his desperation allowed the hasty formation of the Continental Congress with The Declaration of Independence written and signed shortly afterwards. His intense thought energy culminated in the formation of a document and ultimately a nation of unprecedented freedom. The Continental Congress was essentially a ‘Master Mind’ group of fifty six men resonating the identical ‘thought energy’ of freedom driven by the fear of hanging if their effort was unsuccessful.

It is not coincidental that many of man’s greatest inventions occur during wartime. The duress and fear of war maximizes thought energy. Likewise, faith allows thought energy to amplify in strength. A thought imagined with enough intensity for a prolonged period of time without wavering will ultimately come to fruition. Is this not the premise of prayer? Science is baffled by the post-operative patient that heals more rapidly receiving anonymous prayer as opposed to the control patient who does not. Additionally, the cancer patient that maintains hope is far more likely to survive compared to the one who has given in to the gravity of his disease. The placebo effect is merely thought energy at work. Thought energy is a creative force that will materialize a physical equivalent if it is of sufficient intensity.

In 1920, the author Napoleon Hill coined a term ‘autosuggestion.’ He describes the technique as a means to obtain financial wealth by incessantly programming the subconscious mind to seek financial gain. By repeatedly expressing the desire to obtain wealth, first verbally and then by documenting a plan of action, the subconscious mind will respond by carrying out the programmed instructions that it is continuously fed. The person’s daily or conscious actions merely reflect the dictated instructions given to the subconscious mind. Napoleon Hill, in effect, merely describes maximizing the potential of thought energy to create one’s desires as long one remains persistent and focused.

Churches not only have enormous influence but they likewise have enormous power. Could a global synchronized thought energy or prayer by all church members in unison bring an end to war and poverty? I firmly believe that an effort should be made to this effect. Jesus, the son of God, could not have stated it any simpler, ‘…if we have faith the size of a mustard seed, we may move mountains…’

One day man will be able to electronically digitalize thought and amplify it to exponential levels. By doing so, he will be able to decrease the impact of the time and distance variables to negligible values in an effort to create matter. Secondly, as a result, whatever man imagines he will be able to create. Imagine a dinosaur, and thus, it appears. Imagine earth as heaven and it will be so. Just as God uses sun (energy) shining at length (time) on one spot (focus equals 1/d2) to create a tree, man has the capacity to create this world as he sees it. Hence, the question remains, will man see the world as heaven or hell. Thus, the power of man’s imagination invariably dictates our destiny.

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