The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act – Use This Potent Law to Put Debt Collectors in Their Place!

Ellena Arroyo

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act is a federal law is so potent; debt collectors cross their fingers and hope and pray that you never find out about it. Why? There are three crucial reasons:

1). It sets the parameters and boundaries on the information debt collectors can gather on you.

2). It contains specific rules on how debt collectors can communicate with you whether at home or at work.

3). It sets rules in place that literally prohibit debt collection companies from contacting

Before you do anything, you need to read the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act in its entirety. DO NOT proceed any further until you do so. It’s a short read so you should be able to complete it one sitting.

Why read the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act? – First, to get your sanity back! Debt collectors will turn your life into a living nightmare… if you allow them!

By the time debt collection companies are done with the average American debtor, that person is tittering on the brink of a nervous breakdown. They are afraid to answer their own phone, pick up their mail, answer the door, go outside and even go to work. You don’t have to live like that when you learn how to fight back.

Secondly, to determine if there is a possibility that you are a victim of unfair or illegal debt collection schemes and/or tactics. We dare say, based on the statistics and the alarming number of complaints and lawsuits filed against debt collectors, you probably are. If they have violated the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, the tide has turned; they may now owe you money!

Thirdly, to learn what you can do, (according to the law) to stop the phone calls, dunning letters, abuse and harassment. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act is divided into 18 sections. I’ll repeat this again, DO NOT proceed any further until you read each section in its entirety. After reading it, if you believe your rights have been violated, take the facts of your complaint and contact an attorney that understands the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act explicitly and specializes in fighting for the rights of consumers.

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