Stress Management With Promotional Stress Balls

Ellena Arroyo

All too often stress comes to pay a visit when we least suspect it. Just when your life seems to be under control there is always something that causes your stress level to significantly rise when it would have otherwise been fine. As a business owner many of us see stress ever day, in some cases many business owners know stress on a first-name basis and invite it to lunch. However, as a business owner you have the power to overcome stress and even help your potential clients overcome it as well with just one promotional product: the stress ball. Promotional stress balls are simple tools of marketing, cost effective, and can manage stress without much work involved at all.

As a simple tool of marketing, the stress ball is always there beaming with a smile and your company’s logo. Promotional balls help get your company’s name out there while not overpowering the client with “look at me” advertising. Advertisements that are often in your face are a little overwhelming to a client, whereas something more subtle, like the personalized ball, will allow your clients to always keep you in mind – even in times of duress. Stress balls can often find their way into company meetings and most likely will have a spot in everyone’s office where they can quickly access them. They are also great for people quitting smoking because they give them something to do with their hands.

Investing in a business can quickly become very costly; advertising that company can also quickly build up your tab and it can turn ugly just as fast. The answer to costly invoices and expensive marketing is to look for alternatives. Promotional products are not only cost effective, but also intriguing to clients as they give them something to walk away with. Managing stress with promotional tools is a way to show your clients that you identify with the everyday troubles they go through just to get through life. Work, home life, school, and relationships can all affect a person’s stress level and the ability to cope with that is as simple and cheap as a few promotional tools like the personalized or logo imprinted ball.

Stress management is something that we all could do a little better whether you’re under a time crunch or not. Having a ball on hand is a great way to have access to a stress relieving product without it taking up a lot of space in your office or home. Stress balls are a simple, effective way to manage stress. While it might not seem like there’s much work involved, the truth is that stress balls have been proven to reduce stress. As a bonus – they can also help smokers kick the habit by keeping their hands busy.

Working with advertising can be tricky, costly, and overwhelming. Think how much more relaxed you would be if you had a ball sitting on your desk at this very moment that you could snatch and squeeze at this very moment.

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