Rotator Cuff Exercises Are For More Than Just Looks

Ellena Arroyo

Watching Johnny Depp in “Public Enemies” was just amazing as he took on the role of John Dillinger which, if you do enjoy history, took one back to simpler times while those who lived during those times had almost always considered (even amidst such violence as depicted in the movie) that period of time as “the good old days”.

And even with the developments in science and technology, some things (if you haven’t noticed already) have remained the same such as the rude dudes, guns, crazy hairdos and most of all, the presence of cuffs that keep their shoulders and hands together (and out of trouble).

And the rotator cuff (in the human body) pretty much does the same thing as well… although, not necessarily to curb criminal intent.

The Rotator Cuff

And while the most important reason to get stronger cuffs is because women love men with broader (and stronger) shoulders but should be that one can prevent injury to your shoulder (that controls your arms) that can completely put you out of action.

At its best, the rotator cuffs (which are a group of muscles) are instrumental in stabilizing your shoulder but also allowing you move your arms around freely involving eccentric movements as well.

In the case of athletes such as baseball pitchers, cricket bowlers, quarterbacks, tennis players and so on and so forth, there is a likelihood that one’s rotator cuffs can get damaged due to injury, overuse or even gradual aging while playing professional sports.

While these effects result in a lot of pain and the inability to move your arms around (which means that you’ll be out of action until you recover), you’ll be wise to get medical assistance in order to recover fully so that you can get back to fighting shape no sooner than later.

Dealing with a Torn Rotator Cuff

Depending on the extent of the tear to the rotator cuff, surgery will be an option in the most extreme cases while in not so serious ones, most physicians will recommend the R.I.C.E method that is common to most muscle injuries.

R = Rest which means stopping all movement in the affected area
I = Icing which means using ice to reduce the inflammation for at least 15-20 minutes a day
C = Compression limits the torn rotator cuff swelling
E = Elevation which involves placing the area higher as this will reduce swelling and inflammation.

Another aspect of this is to modify one’s sleeping position that might also be a part of the method to provide relief while ibuprofen or naproxen can be given to the patient to reduce the pain.

In Closing

Of course, with John Dillinger gone, notoriety has continued to live on, and whether or not criminals will ever reach the heights that he ever did, the use of cuffs will remain in our lives!

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