Recording Artist Brings A Little Tenderness To A National Epidemic – Domestic Violence And Abuse

Ellena Arroyo

As a part of the ongoing campaign to bring awareness to the nation about its Domestic Violence and Abuse epidemic, recording artist, E. Walter Smith will sing the song he penned titled, Tenderness, at numerous powerful and important events around the United States.

Smith says his song is about “accepting love after abuse.” “I recently dated someone who had a history of being abused. The main challenges of our relationship stemmed from her inabilities to love herself and to trust me. We realized that she needed more time to heal and that ultimately, we would both be better served as each other’s friend. I had never been in a relationship with someone that had been abused, so it was a learning experience for me. As a result, I have a whole new understanding of the long-term impact that abuse can have on someone. As importantly, I realized that in a real sense we are all victims of abuse. “

What makes Tenderness so special is that it tells the story of abuse from a man’s point of view. Often times we only hear about abuse from a woman’s perspective. E. Walter Smith gives insight to the experience of abuse and domestic violence, and offers inspiration for one to be able to love one’s self, as well as accept love from someone else. The chorus echoes, “Let me heal your bitterness with a little tenderness…” embracing the victim’s emotional challenges with acts of kindness and a commitment to be there through the healing process of closing the gaping wounds of a painful past. “I truly realize that it takes more than a hug and some flowers to make a difference. I just hope that this song can help those that have suffered from abusive relationships begin to accept God’s love, the love from others and from themselves.” says Smith.

A portion of the proceeds from sales of the music and merchandise will go to select organizations that offer programs to help victims of domestic violence and abuse heal emotionally, receive God’s love, and find the strength and love from within to build a new life.

Throughout the year Smith will be one of the featured artists performing in The Tenderness Tour – Artists Against Domestic Violence and Abuse. The tour will feature an eclectic array of stars coming together to raise public awareness of domestic violence and abuse in all of our communities.

We are all victims of domestic violence and abuse. Maybe a little “Tenderness” can make a difference in your life! You can find out more about the Tenderness Campaign at

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