Positive Affirmations For Improving Self Esteem

Ellena Arroyo

Positive affirmations are effective and beneficial tools for improving self esteem because these statements are positive, tangible energies that, by redirecting our thoughts, can alter our emotions. Perhaps, you may not have realised it but the things you tell yourself and the beliefs you have about yourself contribute in a concrete way to your self esteem. If you are feeling inadequate and weak, it is most likely you believe that you are so, and very soon your belief will become fact. In like manner, you can increase your self esteem by actively working on modifications to your self-talk and basic beliefs about yourself.

It is hard to think highly of yourself when you constantly badmouth yourself. Like a bad recording, the inner voice of your ego constantly gives subliminal feedback, and if you program it with negative thoughts, it will keep saying you’re never good enough and whittling away your self esteem. But with affirmations, you are able to drown out the negative chatter with positive statements, helping tremendously in improving self esteem.

Using positive affirmations for improving self esteem, especially at times of duress, helps you keep your composure and balance to fend off the noise from the internal negative critic. It is believed that affirmations combine the energies of conscious and subconscious minds to help attain a goal.

Here are some positive affirmation statements that you can use to help you in improving self esteem:

* I am an important and valuable human being, and I deserve to be respected by others.

* I am eager to go through a greater level of self esteem. I am worthy of it and I am prepared for it.

* I am confident about life; I always long for and enjoy new challenges.

* I am a unique person and a creative individual.

* As I build up my self esteem, I feel better about self, my work, my relationships, and every aspect of my life.

* I am actively in control of my life and lead it in productive channels.

* I take time to get to know myself and I treat myself with respect.

* I feel valuable even if I am aware that I have made a mistake.

* I am an action person, and I define my priorities and do things one at a time.

* I take compliments without doubt and give them readily to others.

Improving self esteem is an active and continuing process. Say these positive affirmations on a daily basis and see the difference that they can make to your life.

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