Legal DNA Paternity Test – Questions You May Have

Ellena Arroyo

The introduction of DNA means paternity is no longer determined after lengthy interviews with potential parents, friends, family members, and a review of the circumstances surrounding all of those people involved in the matter.

A legal DNA paternity test is one that is conducted by an approved agency. The information they provide regarding the results is binding in a court of law. DNA test results are considered to be almost 100% accurate so there is no need for the courts to question them as long as the source conducting them is reputable.

A paternity test has become the number one basis for determining who the biological parents of any given child are. The DNA profile of a person can’t be copied or altered so the results are very credible both to society and in a court of law. There are many different types of cases where legal DNA paternity testing is involved.

It is commonly used to determine who has legal rights over a child. This is based on the results of the DNA test. Just because a man is listed as the father on the child’s birth certificate doesn’t make it so. It is used to help positively identify the parent or parents who have a legal obligation to pay child support.

The custody of children are often one of the most vital issues that come up in a divorce proceeding. A paternity test can help answer any questions that may be lingering about paternity. This information will be used by the court to grant a divorce if there was infidelity as well as set up a parenting schedule.

No man wants to consider the concept that his wife was pregnant by someone else and pretended it was his. Yet this is a scenario that plays out in court rooms every day. Legal DNA paternity test results can prove or disprove such claims and that information is more reliable than the hearsay of other people.

The issue of incest and rape that occur in families are often well hidden in the closets of these homes. In many cases DNA test results have helped to identify the victims in such cases and bring the perpetrators to justice.

Since there is so much riding on the results of legal DNA paternity test results the courts do not want to take any chances with the information being inaccurate or tampered with. This is why they require the legal DNA paternity test to be completed by a reputable agency that meets strict guidelines.

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