Information Product Licensing – What is it and How Can it Help You?

Ellena Arroyo

Information product licensing simply means you own the license to someone else’s product creation. In the Internet marketing world this usually relates info products such as eBooks, audio CD’s DVD’s or software. The information product business is, and has been for a good few years now a very lucrative business to be involved in.

Now within the info product niche you will find smaller niche’s such as the info product licensing niche. This is where the new infopreneur gets to take a short cut so to speak by the way of information product licensing, as I mentioned earlier this simply means acquiring the license to someone else’s product. So how does this help you and your online business.

The first way in which it helps you as a new infopreneur is, you get to save a lot of time and hard work because the research has already been done for you by the person who created the the product. He or she has already spent the time and effort making sure there is a market for such a product otherwise they would not have created it they would have simply researched another until they found a market.

Secondly because you have saved the time and effort you can now apply it to actually marketing your new information product licensing package, which I must say is the hardest part of this business. I myself was a little clever because the licensing package I purchased was a complete SEO and website traffic generation home study course. Can you see where I’m going here?

You guessed it, I studied then implemented what I learned from the course before creating my website and and my offer. So the tip here is if you’re new to this then maybe you should do the same. Anyway lets get back to information product licensing because not only can you license the info product to simply sell on to your customers, if you’re lucky enough to be offered the master resale rights to a product the you should jump at the chance.

Here’s why… Firstly the major benefit to this is you can make a lot more money from a master resale rights license because this allows you to sell the basic resale rights on to your customers, it also allows you to change the product in most cases you can usually rename it and change the graphics which is something I highly recommend. This gives the product complete face lift and uniqueness.

There is of course one drawback to this way of information product licensing which is… To acquire the master resale rights you will have to spend quite a bit more money on the actual product license. The decision on whether or not to upgrade is totally up to you as you will need to way up the odds on whether the extra expense is worth the investment or not. I would personally say yes it is in most cases, but if your quite new to information product licensing then you should probably start off with the basic information product licensing package.

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