How to “Become a Goddess”

Ellena Arroyo

There are many faces modern women present to the world. In the space of one day, you can be the professional at work, partner and carer at home, and fun-lover with friends. No matter what the situation, women need to draw on a wide range of resources to keep it all together. Tapping into goddess energy is one way to ensure you get through each day with your integrity intact.

The ancient goddesses were honoured for many reasons – for an abundant harvest, to keep the family and home safe, or to escort souls safely to the after-life to name a few. In this modern age, however, it isn’t always practical to pray at a moonlit forest temple or to burn bonfires during an outdoor springtime orgy.

So how else can a modern gal reconnect with her innate goddess energy? Simple. By choosing to be yourself and making choices with intention. Every action, thought, projection of self, and treatment of others is a reflection of the goddess within.

As I’ve posted on, “being goddess is being able to recognise within one’s self the things that are important, and then to strike the single note that brings them into alignment with everything else that exists.” That is, by channeling the strengths of the real “You” so that the true You shines through with honesty and dignity, your goddess energy radiates a confidence, beauty and inspiration to those around you.

There are seven aspects of self that should be considered to fulfill a balanced and enriching existence. Follow these tips to live each day to become goddess.

Self Preservation. Being goddess is about being in tune with oneself, being able to recognise threatening situations and respond rationally and calmly. Trust your instinct and act with confidence. Be conscious of the influence of others’ moods and needs and stay balanced in times of duress. Manifest security and a dynamic presence by keeping your feet firmly on the ground, literally.

Self Gratification. Creatively, emotionally and sexually, connect with others through feeling, desire, sensation and movement. Learn to accept change gracefully and don’t be afraid to let your depth of feelings show. In addition, a poverty consciousness will only serve to deny what you deserve. Abundance is good, (greed is not), whether it be material, esoteric, emotional or otherwise. Ask for what you want and deserve, and providing it’s not for selfish reasons, give yourself permission to receive it.

Self Definition. Being goddess is more than just alabaster skin and an Elle McPherson body. Apart from round abdomens and swinging breasts, common attributes of ancient goddesses include uncompromising strength, compassion and justice. Spend time working out who you are, who you want to be, and then honouring the true you in the image you present to everyone you meet. Write your own eulogy then circle the five most important elements that you would want people to remember you by. Then, live according to those attributes to make them a habit.

Self Acceptance. If you don’t love yourself, then don’t expect others too either. If you let others treat you badly, you are telling your inner psyche that you do not deserve better. The modern goddess gal never, ever allows herself to accept second best. Rally your personal power and self-respect and learn to say words like “No” and “Enough.” Most importantly, mean what you say! On the other side of the coin, give compliments freely, for if ‘what goes around comes around’ you will soon enjoy receiving plenty in return.

Self Expression. What you say is what you get. Expressions like, “I’ll never be able to get over this obstacle,” will manifest in exactly the way you describe. Instead of confronting and overcoming your fears, you will remain stagnant, bashing your head against the brick wall you say can’t be knocked down. Change your speech habits to dispel negatives and embrace positives. Say “I can do it,” and next thing you know, you’ll be leaping brick walls in a single bound.

Self Reflection. Get over petty issues and open your vision to see the Big Picture. If you are absorbed in trivial worries, they are most likely a distraction mechanism to keep you from what it is you really need. If you had three months left to live, would you really care about your shade of lipstick, upgrading your mobile phone, or getting the best table at the hottest restaurant in town? It’s up to you to prioritise what the important things really are. Make a list of your dreams for the next week, year, and/or decade. Circle one thing on each list and commit to make it happen, one step at a time.

Self Knowledge. See yourself as a minute organism in the ways of the world, both in the physical and non-physical planes, in the present and the future. Disconnecting with the world every now and then can be healthy if it lets you travel to a spaceless, timeless place of knowledge, wisdom, understanding and spiritual connection. To revitalise flagging energy levels, practice yoga and meditation when possible. Time poor? Take the phone off the hook and power-rest for five minutes – this time-out for self can be just as refreshing.

Nowadays, we are allowed to build whatever life we want for ourselves, regardless of a damaging past, level of education, or social conditioning. It simply requires a decision to live life with intention, to make conscious choices in all aspects of your life that will let you respect the goddess within – yourself.

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