Gay Adoption – The Issues Surrounding Gay Adoption

Ellena Arroyo

Everywhere you look nowadays there is one issue or another involving gay relationships. One of the topics that gets its fair share of attention is the rights of gay couples to adopt children. Many people are of the opinion that the government has no right to interfere in this issue where gender preference is concerned. On the other hand, the other camp holds that this is a moral and societal issue and it should be banned completely. Both camps make a strong argument for their case. In most states the ruling is still unclear because the courts have not resolved the issue.

What specific reasons do those on the con side give to support their case? They point out that as a matter of logic, it follows that since gay relationships are fundamentally wrong morally, it must be true that gay couples adopting children is also morally wrong. They point out that children raised in these homes will be confused about the roles of the two genders and that it will stunt their development. They go on to argue that according to some studies, children brought up in these environments have four times more of a chance to choose the gay lifestyle for themselves.

How do those on the pro side argue their case in favor of gay adoption? First, they refute the claim that a gay environment will have a negative effect on children. They hold that a gay household provides just as stable an environment as one that is run by a traditional male/female couple. On the moral issue, they claim the reverse logic that was stated above. In other words, there is not a morality problem with gay relationships so it follows that there is no morality problem with gay adoption. They go on to point out that the ability to be an effective parent is independent of sexual orientation.

No matter which camp is arguing, the case has its valid points and provides a compelling argument. But what it boils down to is that gay households and thus, gay adoption, are fundamentally morality issues. Up until this point, the issue of gay marriage has yet to be conclusively decided. Until that happens the debate over gay adoption is secondary. In the long run it will be up to the court system to make the decision.

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