Freedom of Religion – Who is Wrong Here?

Ellena Arroyo

For more years that I can accurately count, about 50, I guess, certain members of my family, siblings and parents specifically, in one manner or another, from time to time, have let it be known to me, that because I have “dropped” the Christian faith, in favor of becoming a Faithist, that I am surely going to BURN IN HELL.

They have done this to me, without taking, not the least interest in my choice, nor spent any time what-so-ever, trying to find out what this religion is all about. So, I am being judged, wholly and completely, out of total ignorance, prejudice, discrimination, closed mindedness, fear, and, as far as I am concerned, a complete lack of even a modicum of consideration towards me, to have the right to live my own life, as I see fit, and to choose my own faith and religion as my own conscience dictates.

If this were the old days in Europe, they would have, by now, turned me over to the Inquisitors, and I would have been ostracized, tortured and probably burned at the stake. The reason why people, in Europe, came to this land, so many years ago, was to escape the terrible religious intolerance that was so rampant in the old world, so many years ago. The people who embrace these religions, that threaten hell to GET and HOLD their members, support the most restrictive religions on the face of this planet.

There is no way a loving Heavenly Father would ever throw his created humans in hell just because they chose this religion or that. As a matter of fact, it is people who THREATEN OTHERS with hell that are the ones who are in danger of some sort of hell. If the members of my family had taken an interest in my religion, and had read the Faithist bible, Oahspe, they would RUN from the Christian religion faster than a rabbit runs from a wolf. Do you think I am kidding you? Read Oahspe and find out for yourself.

I know for a fact, that if every person in the world would go to religious instruction, into every religion on earth and learn all about every one of them, the Faithist religion would definitely be the top choice out of all of them.

It is a fact, that 95% of all people on this planet, embrace and believe in the religion that they were raised in. Since when is that a “personal choice” since it was jammed into their young minds by the adults in their lives.

Suppose, that instead of parents raising their children in the religion “of the parents”, that all children were taught about all religions. That way, they could then make an intelligent choice of their own, instead of being forced to believe what their parents made them believe. The world, right now faces destruction because of the conflicts between the Christian, Muslim and Jewish religions all over this world. Children are being taught to fear, hate, distrust and sometimes kill people who do not believe the way they believe.

I was raised in the Christian faith, but because I wanted to know about all religions, I studied into all of them and found out that the Faithist religion was far superior to all the other religions on earth. The Faithist religion predates all other religions by thousands of years. Oahspe is a history book going back over 78,000 years and tells how all of these religions got started and who started them. It is, without a doubt, the most facinating book I have ever read.

Oahspe goes into great detail about all these religions and after a person reads what Oahspe tells them, then they can understand why these conflicts are going on in the world today.

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