DNA Testing – Bring Brothers and Sisters Together

Ellena Arroyo

There’s no doubt that the modern field of paternity testing specifically and dna testing in general has come a long way in the last few years. As evidenced by popular television shows and reports we read about in newspapers and online, there’s little chance that you can hope to get away with a crime in this modern world thanks in part to modern dna testing. The field has divided up too so that paternity testing that establishes the relationship between a father and child is only one small area of what paternity testing is capable of. With modern technologies, dna paternity testing and its derivatives can:

Determine the relationship between a father and child Determine which members of a family can immigrate to which country Determine who is someone’s grandparents and Determine who is a brother or sister to who

Of course the obvious question would be why the people who are wondering about their connection to each other don’t go to the parents. If the parents were able to get tested, the procedure would be a simply paternity testing option done in a straightforward way. But that’s not always the case.

There are instances where the parents are not able to be tested for one reason or the other, and when this is the case the solution so that interested people can find out their relationship is a siblingship paternity test. People looking to have this test done should be aware that the results are not generally as conclusive as the more straightforward paternity testing variety, but these tests will give a general indication as to whether these people can be siblings.

Samples Collected

Like other forms of paternity testing, samples here are collected by a swab and the best laboratories can have the results in five to seven days. DNA samples from both the interested parties are necessary and it’s always a good idea to look for the best laboratories with the best reputation and the proper credentials from corresponding health departments as well.

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