Covert GPS Tracking Devices – Keeping Your Privacy

Ellena Arroyo

Covert GPS tracking devices have made it very easy for others to track your movements without you knowing about it. There are some steps, you can take that will allow you to regain some of your privacy.

Step 1. Determine If You Truly Are Being Tracked

The first step is to determine of you are truly being monitored with a GPS tracking device. In order to do this, you have to physically locate the device in the vehicle, or on the equipment. You would have to know what a GPS tracking device would look like as well as where to look. Most people don’t know what a GPS tracking device looks like so many people could be looking at one and not even know it. Also, they are small enough to be hidden in the darnedest places. Most people don’t have experience in looking for these types of devices so it becomes more difficult know where or how to look for a GPS device as well. To easily overcome both of these problems, you can hire a private investigator to do a search for you, or if you want to keep it on the down low and not leave any paper trail of your search, you can buy a GPS tracking detector device and sweep any car, or equipment yourself for any GPS tracking devices.

Step 2. Determine What Kind Of GPS Tracking Device Is Connected and How it’s Connected

There are a number of different kinds of tracking devices that can be installed in a vehicle or piece of equipment. Some of these devices have external wires (antennae) and some don’t. The kind of device that is installed, will determine the kind of solution you would be able to use. Some GPS devices have the antennae sticking outside of the housing unit. As technology improves however, more and more devices will have the antennae inside the housing unit. It is also important to see if the device is easy to get to or not. If the device is not easy to get to, then there will be difficult to implement certain solutions to mask the incoming GPS signal (if you can’t remove it). Once you have located the tracking device with a sweeper, and have determined the kind of device it is, you can implement the solution.

Step 3. Implement your covert GPS tracking privacy solution

Once you have found the device, you can implement your solution. If the tracking device was placed there covertly and it is your vehicle, you can simply remove the device. If it isn’t your vehicle, and you don’t want to raise alarm, you can leave it there and jam the device when you want to keep your movements private.

If the device is easy to get to and the antennae are outside the box, you can wrap the antennae in a metal foil and that can keep the device from tracking your movements. Just remember to remove the foil when you return the vehicle.

A simpler solution, and one that should be used when the device is difficult to get to, or you can wrap the antennae in a metal foil, is to use a portable GPS jamming device. These devices work within a small area, but big enough to work on the vehicle you are driving. You can easily find GPS tracking jammers online.

Every year it gets easier for big brother to know every detail of your life. There are certain things however that you can do to take back some of your privacy. These simple steps give you guided detail on what you can do to keep the prying eyes of GPS tracking devices from your movements.

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