Adoption Information

Ellena Arroyo

Adoption is a legal way of getting a new child in the family. It grants the new parents all the duties, responsibilities and right of being a legal parent. And it provides the adopted orphan all the emotional, social, responsibilities and lawful rights a being a new member of the family. The procedure in adopting a child is done in the court. It differs from other form of caring an orphan, since it is done in a legal way. It affects the status of the child permanently and it entails community acknowledgment.

The court should confirm first to the true parents if their parental rights was been terminated or willingly surrendered, with full and legal understanding. The court can do both terminate the right of the real parents and give the full parental rights to the adoptive parents, depending on the law and situation given.

The judge evaluates first the information concerning the true parents, adopting parents and the child. The information usually includes the assessment of the adopting parents and if they’re suitable to adopt a child, reports of educating and counseling of adoptive parents and the true parents prior the adoption, social worker’s proposal, recommendation and suggestion, and as well as the other reports involving the adoption.

The adopting parents, their attorney and their social worker, the true parents and their attorney as well as their social worker, the child and its social worker should be present during the final hearing.

The request for adoption will either be disapproved or approved by the judge depending on the reviewed information regarding the adopting and the true parents. If the judge approves the petition, the adoption verdict is issued and finalized. As a result, the name of the child is officially changed and a new birth certificate is being issued. The information on the new birth certificate is now officially changed, this changes includes: the name of the true parents are replaced by the name of the adoptive parents and the name of the child is also replaced.

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